About Us

Ridj-it is a Boston-based carpool company devoted to getting more people to explore the outdoors. Currently there are few options to arrive at some of New England's most beautiful lands, waters, and mountains, which is why we believe connecting urbanites with locals and other drivers is a great way to give everyone the opportunity to get up and get out.

Flexibility, communication, environmental stewardship, and freedom are our business goals and life pursuits. How can you leave the world a better place if you haven't seen it? So share the ride, share the outdoors!

The founders are avid hikers that realized there are limited transit connections to great mountains, beaches, and rivers to see New England's best nature, whether that entails providing access to these places or helping locals fund their trips to that money is never an obstacle.

Their combined specialities and experiences in healthcare analytics, medical research, tutoring, and university and public education prompted Ridj-it's creation and mission: Be outside so that you may feel great inside. Exercise, learn, and feel connected to a community beyond yourself.